After more than ten years of running the Balham Resource Centre, Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) is to move services to new homes in surrounding boroughs.

This follows a strategic review undertaken by TPT which will us have a greater focus on Education, Employment and Engagement.

Services currently hosted in the Balham Resource Centre will transfer to other sight loss organisations providing support to blind and partially sighted people in the south west of the capital. This will ensure that services, including lunch club and the ongoing IT Project, will continue in new and better equipped locations.

Moving activities to partner organisations in the local area and closing the Centre will allow TPT partner organisations such as London Vision to better serve a greater number of blind and partially sighted people in the south west of London.

Discussions are underway with the Balham Resource Centre service users about the changes. The number of people using the centre has decreased in the decade since it has been open, prompting TPT to investigate options for enabling the services to take place in a different way.

TPT’s Chief Executive Charles Colquhoun said:

“In line with recent changes at Thomas Pocklington Trust we will be closing the Balham Resource Centre in order to better concentrate on creating partnerships with sight loss organisations across the capital. The Centre will close by September 2019, and we look forward to supporting blind and partially sighted people in the south west of London through new partnership-based working”.

In the future, TPT will work with partner organisations in the capital, with organisation London Vision focusing on strengthening the sight loss community and increase awareness of the issues facing blind and partially sighted people in London.