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On Saturday 8th February 2020, London Vision and Thomas Pocklington Trust partnered with LOOK UK to host ‘Get University Ready’ – an event for students with a vision impairment to get the facts, hear about others’ experiences and learn what they will need to be prepared for university.

Molly Hobbs was there and reports back:

Over 50 people attended the event at the Pocklington Hub, including parents and students at all different stages of the student journey.

One parent who attended the event said: “When we arrived our son had said he wasn’t even sure he would go to uni, but if he did, he would stay in our hometown of Nottingham. By the end of the afternoon he was saying he wanted to go to Uni in London!”.

The day began with information sessions including:

  • “10 Top Tips” from Look UK’s extensive experience supporting young people in education
  • Our Student Network members discussed their time at university, sharing knowledge and providing insight to life as a blind or partially sighted student in London
  • Insights from two professionals from the London School of Economics and Senclude Consultancy who support students through the Disabled Students Allowance process and other support during university and beyond.

Another parent commented: “We learnt a lot about the university experience including the difficulties that can arise and how they can be overcome, the support we should be asking for and who to contact about it. It was really useful”.

Attendees were invited to take part in a Q&A session with the panel giving them the chance to ask the questions important to them.  These ranged from “What support is there to get work experience whilst studying a teaching course?” and “As a parent, how did you support your child through the application process?” to the very general, such as “How did you choose the right university for you?”

The event was insightful and reassuring for both students and parents alike, providing an opportunity to cut through conflicting information online and get a balanced, honest view from people who have been in the situations themselves.

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