What are my child’s rights? webinar two

Council for Disabled Children logo On 11 February 2021, this webinar looked at the rights and entitlements blind and partially sighted children have within school.

Hosted by Donna Stephenson, Families Co-ordinator at Thomas Pocklington Trust and Tom Quilter from the Council for Disabled Children, it covered:

  • the responsibilities of the Local Authority to ensure a child or young person has access to the right education.
  • the legal responsibilities as a parent or carer.
  • how parents or carers challenge if they think a child or young person isn’t getting access to the education, support and/or services to which they are entitled.

There was information about the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) which is free to parents of children with disabilities in England.  SENDIASS teams can provide information about education, health and social care for children, young people and their parents.

Watch the webinar


Download the slides from the webinar


About Tom Quilter

Tom has extensive experience in working with children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Since leaving university, he has completed an MSc in Social Research and worked within local authorities, social enterprises and the charity sector in service delivery, strategic management and campaigning and influencing roles.

About Donna Stephenson

Donna has worked in the health sector for many years. Prior to her current role as a family support officer, she was a personal assistant for three years supporting people who have a vision impairment.

In her spare time, she runs a support page for family members who have a loved one that is blind or partially sighted. She is very passionate about this as her husband has sight loss.

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