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My name is Amber and I’m a third-year student, studying Medieval and Early Modern history at Chichester University. My dissertation topic is ‘Studying today’s beliefs about medieval England (1377 – 1558) – a place where civilised people had strong emotional bonds and where crimes were punished fairly and justly’. When I complete my degree this year, I hope to continue with a history Masters at the same university.

I joined TPT because I wanted to help other young vision impaired people within education so they can fully access the curriculum and pursue whatever future career they want to. I have had a variety of experiences at different schools and wish to remove some of the barriers that I faced from the paths of other blind and partially sighted people.


A photo of Anxhela, wearing a pink top and smiling at the camera.


I’m Anxhela, I’m 20-years old, and have Uveitis and Glaucoma. I live and study in London – I am currently studying Law LLB. When I finish my Law degree I plan to start studying Graduate Medicine, as my dream career is to be a doctor, though I also have a passion for Art.

I volunteer to make an impact in society. I chose to volunteer with TPT as a Student Voices member because I resonate with TPT’s mission and I believe volunteering is a way to give back to society. I hope to use the opportunity to learn about visual impairment and its impact upon students from different backgrounds. Currently, I’m writing a blog about my experiences as a student with a visual impairment and as a young carer for my parent.


A photo of Asa, wearing a dark hooded jacket and black headphones around his neck..


Hi, my name is Asa. I’m 20-years old, and have a visual impairment called Optic Nerve Atrophy. This is essentially where the optic nerves do not send a sufficient amount of visual information to the brain and consequently, the only bit of visual field I have is in the upper right corner of my right eye. I live in Salford, and study Politics at the University of Salford. I aspire to go into a field that includes both writing and political discourse, so something akin to journalism. I have a passion for writing, music, politics and philosophy.

I decided to volunteer with TPT as a Student Voices member mainly to give a voice to those that feel as if they can’t sufficiently advocate for themselves. Speaking up about injustices can be hard, as it necessitates a denial of the status-quo, so if I can do something that makes it such that the system is more equal by advocating for myself and others who have experienced similar struggles, then I will definitely do so. I hope to see at least minor alterations to certain aspects of the system that I, and other visually impaired people, have indicated aren’t facilitative to our best access.


A photo of Esen, wearing a white top and smiling at the camera.


Hello, my name is Esen, I’m 20-years old living in London, and I’m in my 2nd year studying History at Royal Holloway, University of London. I have a keen interest in public service, notably in areas relating to policy work, and I also have great interest in education, specifically from a special educational needs perspective. I therefore decided to volunteer with Thomas Pocklington Trust as it aligns well with my areas of interest; reducing the disparity in education and employment often encountered by those with sight related disabilities.

Working with TPT as a Student Voices volunteer affords me the opportunity to provide input to the issues at hand, and the space to potentially remedy them. For example, I am currently in the process of gaining an insight into what makes higher educational institutions truly disability confident in relation to sight impairment. I believe my engagement with TPT will serve me well in my journey to joining the Civil Service, where I can continue to make improvements to the public services being provided.


A photo of Paul in a garden, crouched down next to his guide dog Wanda, who is sat on the grass. Paul is wearing a blue shirt and grey trousers. Wanda is a blonde Labrador who is wearing her florescent harness.


As a mature student, I had a gap year lasting nearly 30 years between leaving college and starting university. Despite being born partially sighted (and now registered blind), I have always been an avid reader, and interested in writing. I began my undergraduate studies in Creative Writing at the University of Chichester in 2016, have just completed my Masters, and have now applied to do my PhD.

Throughout research for my studies, I have become interested in law. I have always been a tenacious campaigner and advocate for visually impaired people and believe passionately in getting their voices heard. Therefore, I am now looking to switch my career plans to study Law and become a Barrister specializing in Disability Discrimination, Intellectual Property Law, and Medical Negligence. This is alongside finding a literary agent for my children’s stories featuring my former guide dog, Wanda (pictured), who tells the stories from her own point of view.

I joined the Student Voices group in 2021 and have met some wonderful friends from all around the country who I would never have met without TPT. I look forward to continuing to work with TPT and helping to make the Student Voices group stronger and more successful. We have certainly got off to a very good start.

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