A guide for Higher Education Providers supporting students with vision impairment during COVID-19

TPT, Guide Dogs and LOOK UK have worked with vision impairment sector partners, Disability Advisers, Qualified Teachers for Visual Impairment (QTVI), lecturers and other professionals to produce  Covid-19 specific guidance for Higher Education Providers (HEP).

This should be read in conjunction with wider guidance ‘Supporting the achievement of learners with vision impairment in Higher Education’

Who should read this guidance

This guidance draws on best practice, existing information and resources, to provide tips, advice and links to resources.

It is aimed at those working within Higher Education (HE) either supporting students with vision impairment directly or designing systems and policies that impact on students, including;

  • Disability advisers
  • Examination teams within Higher Education Providers (HEP) settings
  • Student Support Services
  • Lecturers
  • Library support
  • Students with vision impairment and their parents/carers

We have designed this briefing around four themes – putting the student at the centrestudyinggetting around and inclusion. Each of these sections includes; an overview, a checklist, examples of good practice and links to information, advice and support.

This document is designed to be either read in its entirety or as standalone sections.

Read the full document (PDF, 3 MB)

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