What we have to say

As part of our work we respond to consultations, calls for evidence and any announcements.

Read what we have to say about further education, higher education and Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).

Further Education

Education Select Committee’s School and College Funding Inquiry

Read our and RNIBs response to the Education Select Committees inquiry into funding for schools and colleges

Higher Education

Solicitors Regulation Authority bans assistive technology in its exams

Read our policy position on the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s decision to ban the use of assistive technology in its exams from September 2021.

Education Commission inquiry into access to Higher Education

Read TPT’s, VICTAR and RNIB’s response to a call for evidence concerning the experiences of disabled students accessing Higher Education. We draw from the experiences of eight students with vision impairment.

Read here the Education Commissions published response to their call for evidence

Education and Employment

Assistive Technology & Employment Commission Call for Evidence

Read our consultation response to the All-Party Parliamentary Groups call for evidence.

Disabled Students’ Allowance 

Student Loans Company, Disabled Students’ Allowance Assistive Technology Equipment and Training

Read our position statement in response to an announcement from the Department for Education regarding sweeping changes to DSA.

Review of Disabled Students’ Allowance in relation to students with vision impairment

Read our response for the Department for Education’s call for views on the Student Loan Company’s plan to retender for providers of assistive technology equipment and training.

Policy Position on Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA): A single allowance
Read our policy position on a single DSA allowance, in line with post graduate studies. DSA will be capped at £25,000 for both under and post graduate students.

Moratorium on the registration of new Non-Medical Help providers is lifted

TPT welcomes the news that the Department for Education (DfE) will lift the moratorium on the registration of new NMH providers with immediate effect.

Tara Chattaway, Student Support Manager, said: “This is excellent news and something TPT has been calling for. Students with vision impairment already struggle to access Non-Medical Help (NMH). As a low incidence disability that requires specialist skilled support – there is not enough NMH to support students before this moratorium.

“The decision to stop new providers from registering has only exacerbated this. A number of specialist providers have been in touch over the last couple of months, asking for information on how they register to support students with vision impairment at university. We are delighted that they will now be able to proceed with their application.”

Providers wishing to register to deliver DSA-funded NMH support should contact DfE at: disabled.studentallowances@education.gov.uk

Read the DfE’s letter on the new arrangements

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