Technology and accessibility in further education

Research to understand how blind and partially sighted students access information and assistive technology 

Many young people when leaving school choose to study at college. This is an exciting time for any student as they take that next step towards employment and independence.

However, for many blind and partially sighted students, we know that their journey can encounter many barriers that aren’t experienced by their sighted peers. To help get a better understanding, we commissioned All Able Ltd to investigate accessible information practices, compliance with accessibility regulations and how blind and partially sighted students access information and assistive technology in mainstream further education (FE).

What we found

The research found a lack of compliance with website regulations and little focus on inclusion, accessibility and anticipatory adjustments. It also identified an over-reliance on specialist disability/learning support staff, coupled with a general lack of staff disability awareness.

The research has made a number of recommendations. In response to this, we have created practical guidance to help colleges and education professionals make learning more accessible in further education.

Learn more about the findings of the research and get started with our practical guidance:

Read the Executive summary

Download the full report

Making college accessible guide


Listen to the podcast


About All Able

All Able is a consulting company committed to using its expertise to help public sector organisations remove barriers and deliver accessible and inclusive services that work for everyone. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to utilise public services, get an education, and engage with their communities to live an enjoyable and independent life. Go to to find out more.

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