Upskilling careers advisers to supporting blind and partially sighted people

In May, Thomas Pocklington Trust’s (TPT) education team delivered training sessions to the Careers Development Institute (CDI). The aim? To help careers advisers learn how they can best support blind and partially sighted people to access and get the most out of the support available.

The CDI is a membership body that brings together careers advisers from across the country, to connect, learn and improve the quality of the service they deliver. They have been working with us to make sure their advisers are ready to deliver high-quality advice to blind and partially sighted people.

Members attending the sessions ranged from those who work in primary and secondary schools, through to advisers who specialise in supporting armed forces veterans or over 50s, so there was a lot of information to cover!

To start things off, we showed a clip of our fantastic ‘What do we see?’ part 2 video, to highlight what a blind or partially sighted person might see when accessing their learning. We then looked at some of the keyways to make sure the information and advice is accessible and inclusive.

Next, we explored some of the adaptions that can be implemented in the workplace to overcome common barriers. We also highlighted our brilliant We Work and #BlindAndAble videos which demonstrate what is possible and most helpful for blind and partially sighted people in different careers – make sure to check these out on our YouTube channel if you haven’t seen them yet!

We then examined the opportunities available to help blind and partially sighted students in education and when transitioning into the world of work- such as work experience, apprenticeships, and the Disability Confident employer scheme.

The sessions gave an overview of these topics and where further information or support can be accessed, to help advisers feel informed and confident when delivering advice to blind and partially sighted people.

Attendees were particularly interested in how to make the documents and communication methods they use accessible for assistive technology and braille users. Other topics included advice for people changing their career due to losing their sight in later life and advice on selecting good work experience placements.


“This was an educational session, thank you!”


“I have just started working with a 15-year-old, planning his options for Post 16.  This has been helpful in enabling me find support for him to be successful in his future.  Thank you.”


Watch the presentation:

Thank you to all those who attended, we look forward to working with the CDI.

We’re not stopping here – the next steps are to:


Please let us know what kind of training sessions, support and information you would find helpful. Or if you would like advice or guidance on supporting a blind or partially sighted client then contact our friendly team at

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