Audio resources for students

We have a range of audio podcast episodes available which broadly cover a series of topics such as how the Student Support Service works and how it can support your student journey; alongside discussing the accessible features of RNIB Bookshare with more content on latest developments added regularly.

Episode 2 – The Student Support Service

Find out more about the Student Support Service in Episode 2 of this Sight and Sound podcast with Thomas Pocklington Trust’s Student Support Manager, Tara Chattaway.

Episode 4 – RNIB Bookshare

Find out more from Stacy Scott as she discusses the accessible reading materials for students of all ages from  RNIB Bookshare.


The Blind Spot

Check out The Blind Spot, a newly launched podcast from Thomas Pocklington Trust which shares the stories and life experiences of blind and partially sighted people.

In this Student Support Service focused episode, find out what next steps may be available to you after receiving your A-Level results.




RNIB Connect: Covid-19 advice for Higher Education Establishments With visually impaired Students



Stay posted for the latest content of audio resources for vision impaired students

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