Step two: would you benefit from an EHCP

As highlighted in step one, being a student who is blind or partially sighted may mean that you need some additional support at school.

The support you receive at school will depend on what your needs are. These needs can be identified and written down in the form of an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), which can make it easier for you to receive the right support at school.

What is an EHCP

An EHCP is a legal document which sets out your aspirations and the support required to enable the achievement of these goals during studies at school. They are basically a blueprint of what you want to achieve in your education and life and the support you will need to achieve this. It can be important because it means that your school will have a legal duty to provide the support you need. It also allows your school to access extra funds to pay for the support, making it more likely for you to get everything you need.

If you do not have an EHCP, it would be a good idea to contact your local authority (find the council where  you live  here) and tell them you would like an assessment to see whether your are eligible for one. This request will have to be made by a parent or carer.

If you already have an EHCP, it will need to be reviewed before starting secondary school. This process provides a great opportunity to take another look at what you want to achieve in your education moving forward and what support you will need to get there.

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