Step three: choosing the right work experience

There are two types of work experience: on-site and virtual placements.  So, what is the difference?

On-site work experience

These are placements where you will work alongside others in a work environment like an office, laboratory, factory, shop, hotel or perhaps outdoors.

Virtual work experience

These can provide you with an insight into what it’s like to work in an industry or job whilst working from home or remotely. These opportunities can range from half a day to one week, though they may last longer depending on their nature and your age.

Not all virtual work experience is the same. Some virtual opportunities are open to everyone. They tend to provide a platform to find out more about the job, view pre-recorded videos on what it’s like to work there and virtual tours and possibly take part in some live Q&A sessions.

More structured virtual opportunities tend to have a competitive application process. These roles may provide you with a supervisor, give you project work and enable you to access networking and training opportunities.

The Parents’ Guide has a good blog on why a virtual work experience might be the right path for you, read it here.

We have produced a handy pros and cons document to help you decide:

Download it here

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