Getting involved in sports

Would you like to see how different sports can be made accessible for people who are blind, partially sighted and deafblind? You’re in the right place!

Metro Blind Sport

Metro Blind Sport is a London based charity creating fun, accessible sport and physical activity opportunities for blind and partially sighted individuals of all ages and abilities. They also provide advice and resources to help organisations open up their activities to blind and partially sighted people and improve inclusivity.  Including tennis, archery, football, climbing and cricket, videos on Metro Blind Sport’s YouTube channel demonstrate what can be achieved with some simple adaptions.

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The Sight Loss Councils are also running the #FitnessForAll campaign, helping increase the accessibility of gyms. Head over to their campaign page, and show your support.

Free awareness training for facilitators

UK coaching and Metro Blind Sport have together developed free awareness training for sports coaches and staff at sports facilities. We highly recommend that people engaging with or facilitating sports at university take a look here.

Local clubs and activities

Want to find local clubs and societies already offering accessible activities? Take a look at British Blind Sport’s activity finder.

Buying adapted equipment

  • RNIB’s shop stocks products for all sorts of leisure activities as well as sports, for example board-games, cards and sewing.
  • Want to get hold of  some specialist equipment to help blind, partially sighted or deafblind students get involved at your university? Check out British Blind Sport and Goalfix.

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