Looking after your mental health

We know that university can be a stressful time and COVID-19 is making things particularly challenging. If you are struggling, please remember that you are not alone. There are lots of organisations out there that can provide information, advice and someone to talk to.

Please don’t wait, contact someone today. Here are some of the support options available:

 Look UK

Look UK has a student/young person mentoring service, and a counselling service.


 RNIB helpline

Give the RNIB helpline a call for advice and access to services such as counselling or befriending.


 Student Space

Resources to guide self-help, as well as text, webchat, phone and email services for one-to-one support.


The Samaritans

Whenever you feel alone and that you just want to talk to someone, there is a 24-hour phone service available every day of the year.



Advice about mental health problems, where to get help locally, treatment options and an advocacy service.


OK Rehab

OK Rehab specialises in addiction treatment. This treatment is available via both inpatient and outpatient treatment providers.

  • Phone:  0800 326 5559
  • Address: 48B Gun Street, London, E1 6AH
  • Email:
  • Website: www.okrehab.org


University Compare

University Compare offers a range of resources on important topics, such as: understanding and embracing anxiety triggers, coping techniques and preparing for life in halls, how to deal with financial pressures, managing academic pressures.



Local GP

Your GP can help to sign post and refer on to local services and will be able to advise you on the right support.


 Local authority, Adult Services team

Your local council can direct you to local support services, find your local council here.


Your university’s Disability Support team

They can refer on to local support and can help to put the right strategies/support in place to help manage your studies. Their contact details will usually be available on the university’s website, but contact student services if you cannot find them.

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