TALKING News Islington has celebrated the major milestone of 100 recordings.

The talking newspaper, started in September 2007, is a monthly audio newspaper for visually impaired people in the borough of Islington.

It is led by its founder Elizabeth Jones, 88, who runs it out of her home for its 170 listeners.

About 50 people including volunteers and listeners attended an event on Wednesday, May 25 to celebrate the 100th recording.

The Mayor of Islington, Kat Fletcher, was among the attendees and thanked Elizabeth and the volunteers for all of their hard work.

Each month 35-40 tracks including news articles from the Islington Gazette and Islington Tribune, council news, information about welfare and benefits, sports, gossip, events and stories written by listeners are recorded onto tapes and CDs.

A team of 32 volunteers are involved, with six readers recording tracks each month, for the newspaper which started with 19 listeners and has grown to 170 listeners.

Elizabeth said it was a milestone to reach 100 recordings.

But the modest woman wouldn’t take any of the credit.

“Without the volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do it. All of the credit goes to the dedicated volunteers,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth, who lost her sight after an accident, said she started the newspaper because she kept receiving council newsletters in her mailbox that she could not read.

She said losing your sight and being unable to read could be isolating for people.

“I asked the council for the newsletter on an audio tape. I got one and was amazed to find out what was going on in my borough.

“I thanked the council for it and said what about all of the other visually impaired people in the borough but the council said it couldn’t send tapes out to everyone.”

Elizabeth offered to distribute audio tapes of the council’s newsletter to people she knew and the talking newspaper was started from there.

“It’s accessible information about what’s going on in Islington,” Elizabeth said.

“It’s important because you’re living in a borough and don’t know what’s happening but everyone else does.”

For more information visit the Talking News Islington website