Advancements in technology have provided visually impaired students with greater accessibility to attending Higher Education than ever before. Below are some of the recommended organisations to contact for further support before applying for DSA:


Ability Net and Blind In Business

  • Ability Net and Blind in Business offer advice on moving into education or work including assessments, equipment supply, ICT training and employment services

The Student Support Service 

  • The Student Support Service is a new information and advice hub designed to support students with vision impairment living in England. We facilitate and enable students from across the country to network and provide peer support on anything related to Further or Higher Education

QAC Sight Village 

  • QAC Sight Village is an annual event featuring twice across the country where you can learn more about a wide range of equipment all in one convenient location


  • RNIB also has the latest information and updates on the technology that is available to support you

In addition, the two following links provide additional recommended information regarding technological support: