Stuart McMillan MSP and Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Visual Impairment has praised Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) for raising awareness of the challenges people with sight loss face in the community and for its work to remove these barriers.

A parliamentary motion was submitted to the Scottish Parliament to recognise the contributions of Thomas Pocklington Trust and Housing Options Scotland. The commendation follows the recently published report “Evaluation of a housing brokerage scheme for younger adults with visual impairment” in which housing brokerage was reported to be an effective method for assisting younger adults with visual impairment to find a new home.

The evaluation report found that the majority of younger adults who used the pilot brokerage service that was run by Housing Options Scotland had a positive outcome.

Peter Corbett, Chief Executive of Thomas Pocklington Trust said; “I am delighted that the work of Thomas Pocklington Trust and Housing Options Scotland has been recognised in this way. At TPT we are committed to ensuring that people with sight loss can participate fully in society. The research we fund supports independent living and identifies barriers and opportunities in areas such as employment, housing and technology. We share our findings widely to influence key decision and policy makers to ensure the needs of people with sight loss are met.”
The evaluation report can be found here