Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) remains strongly opposed to the Government’s decision to implement significant cuts to the Employment and Support Allowance.

As of 3rd April new claimants placed in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) will not get the work-related activity component of £29 per week and will consequently  receive up to £1,500 less each year compared to existing claimants, set to save the government around £650 million per year.

TPT remains firm in the view that it is fundamental that financial support is available for blind and partially sighted people. Rather than incentivising people to find work, TPT believes these cuts will cause unnecessary physical pressures and related mental health issues for   many individuals affected.

Despite the Government launching the Personal Support Package which will see £330 million of additional employment support provided over 4 years for people who, due to an illness or disability, are unable to currently work but may be able to in the future, it will not compensate for the financial loss that blind and partially sighted people will experience as a result of the cuts to the ESA.