Visionary logoVisionary is a membership organisation working to unite and promote local charities that provide practical services to people with sight loss across the UK.



Visionary operates as collective voice for its network of independent societies, working to facilitate a culture of learning and collaboration amongst its members while actively supporting their growth and development.

The Visionary mission:

To Connect

  • Bringing the network of local societies together
  • Promoting joint working and the sharing and learning from best practices opportunities and challenges
  • Providing shared purchasing benefits for members using the collective scale of local societies

To Influence

  • Consulting Visionary members on issues that affect them and representing them on the national stage
  • Promoting our members diverse interests and lobbying for change

To Develop

  • Offering direct support to Visionary members, providing advice, learning opportunities, guidance and funding to facilitate the development of new local societies and services from existing local societies

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