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On 25 June we ran a CV masterclass. If you’d like to catch this again or missed it, the recording is here along with slides and links for more information on the topics discussed.

Emma Freivogel, CEO and co-founder of Radical Recruit, hosted a 60-minute masterclass, specifically for blind and partially sighted people, with top tips on how to write an impactful CV that grabs the reader’s attention and converts job applications into interviews!

Here are the resources that were recommended in helping you with securing your dream job:

www.evenbreak.co.uk has a jobs board with inclusive employers.

www.grammarly.com can help you check the grammar is correct on job applications.

www.wordle.net creates a word cloud from text. It helps you to pick out the most important keywords from job specs, so you can put them in your CV and application.  Here’s a link that explains it: https://biosciencecareers.org/2012/12/wordle-your-cv.html

We have also created guidance on tips for CV writing along with downloadable CV templates.

Watch the live recording from the session


About Radical Recruit

Radical Recruit is a community owned not-for-profit recruitment consultancy that sources ‘hidden’ talent from disadvantaged groups within the community, transforming lives one job at a time!


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