Transitioning on from secondary school

There is a lot to think about when a student transitions from secondary school into a further education setting. Preparation for this transition should start at year nine or earlier.

Resources and information

There are lots of resources out there to support and inform this key transition.

Careers Advice COVID catch-up service

Our catch-up service provides one to one careers advice and guidance to young people who may have missed out on any support during COVID-19, find out more.

Moving on

RNIB has produced two useful resources to help support transition. ‘Bridging the Gap’ and ‘Moving on’ are resources for professionals and young people to get them ready for their transition, read the guides here.

Five steps into mainstream college

We take students through the steps they need to know to get into mainstream college, check out the guide.

Delivering accessible learning

Our guide talks mainstream colleges through everything they need to know to support blind and partially sighted students, get the guide here.

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