Step one: narrowing your options

The first step is about asking the right questions and giving an honest answer to help narrow your options.

Your thoughts are likely to change as you move through school and beyond. You may have a definite idea of what you want to do or you may not have any idea!

Start by asking yourself some simple but important questions:

  • What school subjects do I like?
  • What am I good at and what do I find more difficult at school?
  • What are my hobbies outside of school and could these lead towards a job and future career?
  • What jobs do I know about or have I seen other people do that inspire or interest me?
  • Who are my role models and what do they do?

Other resources

The National Careers Service has a self-assessment tool that should take ten minutes to complete. It may help to further focus your thinking about work experience and a future career, take the assessment here.

Youth Employment UK has a video and downloadable workbook designed to help you find out about the wider world of work and careers, click here to check them out.

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