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University is about more than studying for a degree. It’s about gaining independence and taking control of your future. It’s meeting new and diverse people and perhaps immersing yourself in a new city. It’s honing skills and embracing new interests.

Everyone should be enabled to join in and benefit from all these opportunities. But barriers  can make this difficult for blind, partially sighted and deafblind students. Thomas Pocklington Trust has teamed up with Deafblind UK to launch #UniInSight. Our campaign  looks at what universities and  students can do so that everyone can participate in any activities and opportunities they wish to.

#UniInSight has been informed by the students we have supported through TPT’s Student Support Service.


Do you have a story to share about what made your experience at university great? Post on social media using the hashtag #UniInSight


Are you a student, student union rep, volunteer or member of staff who would like to know what you can do to make sure that your activities are accessible for blind, partially sighted or deafblind students at your university? Then check out our advice pages below that cover different areas of the university experience.


For further advice and support from Deafblind UK, please take a look at their website: https://deafblind.org.uk/get-support/  Contact the team by calling 0800 132320  or emailing info@deafblind.org.uk


Thank you to the students and organisations that have supported this campaign, including Guide Dogs, Look UK, London Vision, Metro Blind Sport, the national network of Sight Loss Councils and our Student Voices volunteers. Thank you also to the universities who are committed to ensuring that campus life is accessible for blind, partially sighted and deafblind students.

Together we can build an accessible and inclusive university experience.

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