Podcast: Does braille have a place in the modern world?

For nearly 200 years, the tactile Braille system has enabled blind people to read and write. While styluses and writing frames are still in use today, modern Braille can take many different forms. Yet in an age where synthetic speech and audiobooks are widely available, just how relevant is Braille in the modern world?

For National Braille Week and Blindness Awareness Month, this episode of the Blind Spot podcast explores this question.  Hosted by Darren Paskell, TPT’s Technology Information Champion, he welcomed a panel of guests, including:

Dave Williams, Chair of The Braillists Foundation

Masuma Ali,  Engagement Manager in the south-east for Thomas Pocklington Trust.

Megan Paul, Onkyo Braille essay competition winner in 2016, volunteer for Thomas Pocklington Trust and Gloucestershire Sight Loss Council.

Listen to the podcast now



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