Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) Employment Service supports blind and partially sighted people wanting to start, restart or progress their careers.  The links at the bottom of the page take you to a range of resources:

Our employment  resources  include advice on creating tips for CVS and application forms, CV templates,  interview tips and much more.

Professional coaching – We offer one-to-one employment advice and free coaching.

Internships – Our internship programme provides paid placements for blind and partially sighted people just starting out in their careers.

Works For Me is a  service tailored to individuals’ needs. It supports blind and partially sighted people to develop skills and provides  advice to transition to the workplace, navigate the job market or further careers.

You can watch our We Work videos which showcase the careers of other blind and partially sighted people and our Inclusive Employers video in which major businesses share the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce, the adaptions that can be made, support for those adjustments and advice to other organisations looking to employ, specifically blind and partially sighted people.

Listen to the employment stories of other blind and partially sighted people and from employers who share the simple adjustments they have made for their visually impaired staff.

There is information on the  Access to Work scheme which supports people with disabilities or health conditions to start a new job or stay in work.

Our employment team, and the professional coaches we employ, have lived experience of living with visual impairment and have supported countless blind and partially sighted professionals to achieve their employment goals. If you are looking for work and need support, get in touch.

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