Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) Employment service supports blind and partially sighted people wanting to start, restart or progress their careers.

To reach the widest number of people possible across the UK, we have a range of resources available digitally.

We offer one-to-one employment advice and free coaching.

Both our employment team and the professional coaches we employ have lived experience of living with visual impairment and have supported countless blind and partially sighted professionals to achieve their employment goals.

Listen to the employment stories of other blind and partially sighted people and from employers who share the simple adjustments they have made for their visually impaired staff.  There are articles on Access to Work and how to apply as well as resources to help you create a killer CV or complete excellent application forms.

To find out about how we can help you. Email us on employment@pocklington-trust.org.uk


Listen below to TPT’s Senior Employment Manager, Martin Sigsworth share advice and tips for any blind or partially sighted person struggling to secure work.

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