Employment resources

If you’re just starting out in your career or are feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your current role, Thomas Pocklington Trust’s employment team is here to help.

We have put together a suite of employment resources to help you through each stage of the process to land your dream job.

Read our Job search tips.  This lists accessible websites and apps that can help you to find the right job for you.  It shares and how to narrow down your search to filter results and set job alerts.

Many organisations require candidates to complete application forms for their roles.  Our tips for completing an application form show you what to expect and how to sell yourself.

Our tips for writing a cover letter will help you to really make the best impression on the recruiting manager before they have even got to your CV or application form.

We have advice on writing the perfect CV and some great templates that you can use. These are tailored to various career stages from school leaver to experienced professional.  After you have created your new CV, you can email a copy over to us and we can provide constructive feedback.  We also offer mock interviews to prepare you for the real thing.

Our interview tips will ensure you aren’t kicking yourself at the end of a real interview due to lack of preparation. We share some great advice from our employment experts on how to plan for questions and overcome interview nerves.

We also have a number of articles below including  What’s next after college, the value of networking, how to reach and impress prospective employers and a feature on Evenbreak. This is a social enterprise that promotes the roles from inclusive employers who want to actively increase the diversity of their workforces.  Check them out.

Remember, our employment team, and the professional coaches we employ, have lived experience of living with visual impairment and have supported countless blind and partially sighted professionals to achieve their employment goals.

If you are looking for work and need support, get in touch through the form on our employment page.


Professional coaching

We match blind or partially sighted professionals with career coaches, free of charge. No matter your professional background, our coaches can support you to progress or restart your career!

Find out more about professional coaching


Listen to our podcast

Our podcast below has  advice and tips for any blind or partially sighted person looking to secure work.

Other support

RNIB also offers advice on looking for work and staying in work and has a network of local professionals who can provide face to face support in your area. Find out more: www.rnib.org.uk/employment

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