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TPT and  Centre for Resolution are partnering up to offer a professional coaching service to blind and partially sighted people who are at risk of redundancy or have been made redundant as a consequence of the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are facing redundancy or have been made redundant you will be asking yourself a number of questions regarding your future and what you need to do to get back into work.  Centre for Resolution will help you to work through some of those questions and start to put in place the steps you need to take to secure your next role.

What is professional coaching?

The coaches at Centre for Resolution can help you identify your career goals, develop a strategy with action steps to reach those goals, and provide accountability to achieve what you want to achieve. They will also work with you to clarify your career goals and align them with all aspects of your life.

Your coach isn’t there to tell you what to do. Instead, your career coach will use proven listening and querying techniques to support you as you find your own answers to problems you are facing in your career, day-to-day life or resolving the challenges you might be facing working with a visual impairment.

From time-to-time your career coach might ask you if you’d like to work with them on a specific area, but the power of coaching comes from enabling you to find your own way.


What are the benefits of professional coaching? 

The old adage ‘you get out what you put in’ is the same when it comes to coaching.

The benefits are wide ranging and can be both professional and personal – depending on what you want to get out of it.

Here are what some of our previous candidates have said about receiving career coaching through TPT:

“I wish I was given the opportunity to work with a coach many years ago.”

“Coaching enabled me to reflect on what I had done previously in terms of paid and voluntary work and gave me a chance to explore what other openings could potentially work for me moving forward.” 

“Coaching offered me the chance to identify what life experiences, good or bad, had an impact on me when applying for jobs.”


If you think coaching will help you to make a plan for your next career goals or want to figure out what those goals are send us an email and we can arrange an initial call to see if coaching is right for you. Email us on


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